Time Management—eMail

  • Get SPAM out of your inbox.
  • Get off as many email lists as you can.
  • Move messages out of your inbox when you no longer need to read, respond, or take action.
  • Use filters to prioritize your inbox.
  • Save and reuse responses to questions that you get frequently.
  • Write better messages:
    • Discuss only one issue per message.
    • Put the issue in the subject box.
    • Make your emotional tone as obvious and explicit as you can.
    • End messages with: “no reply needed” to discourage responses.
    • Reply to the sender and use BCC instead of CC.
    • Don’t forward messages to your entire list.
    • If you have a “forwarder” ask them to stop politely!
    • Learn your e-mail program! It will help you!
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