Time Management Is Hard!

imagesThis past weekend had the potential to be glorious!  It started with dinner with some good friends on Friday evening, then I had a list of things I wanted to do around the house on Saturday, and we were going to help my son move into his new apartment, then we had Sunday to go to church, watch a football game, and maybe even a walk on the beach with my wife!  It was going to be glorious…

Time management is really hard because sometimes things don’t go as  you’d planned.

For my weekend, the Friday dinner was great, and it was a great start to the weekend!  Saturday, however, turned into a full day of moving my son. I didn’t get to the projects on my list and by the time I got home I crashed on the couch and was soon ready for bed. Sunday did include a nice breakfast with my wife and a great service at our church, but the day was then filled up with more moving, a late night trip to buy a refrigerator, and about 2 quarters of my favorite football team.

Sometimes things don’t go as planned, and that’s OK.

Today I’m once again making my list, trying to fit in some of the things I didn’t get to this past week, and I have a sense of accomplishment in that while I didn’t get everything completed over the weekend, I was able to get some things done, and they were important and it was good.

Just because you are working at managing your time doesn’t mean it’s always going to go well.

Yoav Shoham writes in the Huffington Post about 6 reasons why time management is so hard.  Look at what he shares. The main points are his. My comments follow:

#1) It’s not obvious what’s important.

We may have a difficult time figuring out what we should do first, and we end up not doing anything at all!

#2) Too many things to consider

We have too many things competing for our attention, and in our attempt to do it all, we don’t get the things done that are most important.

#3) Stuff happens

Plans need to be constantly adjusted because stuff happens: interruptions, crisis, emergencies, new opportunities.  This is life!

#4) Other people want your time

“Other people want to manage your time” (Shoham). Sometimes we just don’t have the control we think we have.

#5) We’re human

We blow it! We waste time, we get distracted, we get lazy, we procrastinate. Sometimes we just don’t do what we need to do.

#6) Technology has made things worse.

Technology is helpful, but many times we are trying to multitask and we get distracted, we get interrupted, we don’t focus. It also takes us longer to mow our lawn and take a phone call at the same time!

Time management is difficult, but not impossible. Technology can help us if we use it correctly.

We need to realize that while managing our time is important, it’s not the only thing.

This weekend, while I didn’t get my list done, I had a great time with my son and his friends, and we celebrated together his new place and this milestone in his life.  I’ll get to the list next week.


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