Time Management Mistakes

Mind Tools shares 10 time management common mistakes.  How are you doing with these?

Mistake #1) Failing to Keep a To-Do List

-If you don’t track the things you need to do, you’ll miss something!

Mistake #2) Not Setting Personal Goals

-You need to think about the future! SMART Goals.

Mistake #3) Not Prioritizing

-Figure out what’s most important.

Mistake #4) Failing to Manage Distractions

-Don’t let anything ‘steal’ your time away.

Mistake #5) Procrastination

-Don’t delay. Do what needs to be done.

Mistake #6) Taking on too Much

-Learn to say ‘no’.  This will define you.

Mistake #7) Thriving on ‘Busy’

-Being busy doesn’t mean you’re being effective.

Mistake #8) Multitasking

-When you are able to focus, you’ll be better!

Mistake #9) Not Taking Breaks

-Rest helps you recuperate. You’ll work better after a break.

Mistake #10) Ineffectively Scheduling Tasks

-Learn when you do your best work and plan for that.

If you want to manage your time, avoid doing these things!


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