Write It Down

Write It Down

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 Taking a few minutes to write things

down will help you:

  • Organize your time
  • Remember what you need to do
  • Manage your goals
  • Identify the most important tasks to do

There’s something about writing things down on paper. In fact there’s a whole science behind this that you can research, but the truth is, when we write things down, it moves to our long-term memory, not our short-term memory.

  • Organize Your Time

Each day, write out the things you need to accomplish or want to accomplish, and actually schedule them into your day. When you do this, you get a glimpse of your “whole” day, and it helps you anticipate what’s coming next. Be sure to keep some “margin” in there for emergencies, interruptions and crisis.


  • Remember What You Need To Do

I use a small notebook to write down ideas or tasks as I move through the day. When an idea comes, I jot it down. This can be done on a sticky-note or on a piece of scrap paper. When you write it down, you remember it better!


  • Manage Your Goals

Goals are just ideas until you write it down. This forces you to get specific and determine how to measure it. It also moves it into some kind of reality. Once you write it down, you can share it, you can adjust it, you can go for it. Writing it down is the first step towards achieving your goal.


  • Identify The Most Important Tasks To Do

Sometimes the process of writing things down shows you what’s important and what’s not. As you write, you think about it, and there’s a brief second that you can determine if this is something you should do, or something you can “not do”. Sometimes ideas in my head sound great, but when I write them down, they’re not so great. The best ideas and the most important tasks will bubble to the surface as you take the time to write them down.


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