Creating Healthy Organizations

Tanis Helliwell, author of Take Your Soul to Work (Random House) shares 11 ways to create a healthy organization.

How many of these are you and your organization currently doing?  What do you need to start doing?

#1)  Recognize that we are all in this together

We need to break the barriers that separate “them” and “use”

#2)  Embrace Diversity

Diversity adds flexibility and additional perspectives, which add depth and breadth to a company’s structure, products and service.

#3)  Celebrate what was good in the past

What are the best qualities from old-style organizations that can be incorporated into new organizations?

#4)  Develop new criteria for success

Success in traditional organizations has been a substantial annual profit.  Think differently.

#5)  Empower ourselves and others

People who are doing what they love, sparkle.

#6)  Work in our sphere of influence

Are we using our life energy railing about things we cannot influence?

#7)  Share freely

The fear of scarcity – that there is not enough money and power and that we have to guard against others who want to take everything from us.

#8)  Support play, creativity and informality

Without joy, there is no optimism.

#9)  Ask for authority to solve problems

The hierarchical organization structure where a few bright people with all the answers sit at the top telling all the less bright workers what to do no longer works.

#10)  Recognize and develop vision

One of the great problems among our leaders today is that long-range vision is absent.

#11)  Practical ethics

If we reward ethical people and penalize those that are not ethical, we will build trust and commitment within our organizations.

Any of these tips from Helliwell will help you and your organization.


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