Reinforce Clarity

In Lencioni’s book, The Advantage, he talks about the 4th step towards Organizational Health being “Reinforce Clarity”.

He describes this by addressing these 6 areas of any organization:

#1) Recruiting & Hiring

Take the time and make the effort to identify the “right” people, and move the “wrong” people out.  Do your work with new candidates:  check references, due diligence, spend time with them, expose them to the team.

#2) Orientation

“The most anticipated and memorable time for a new employee is the first days on the job.”  Be sure to take the time to orient them to the organizations culture, vision and purpose.

#3) Performance Management

“The best performance management programs are designed to stimulate the right kinds of conversations around the right topics.”  Don’t make this complicated, but this is a great opportunity to communicate expectations and have open conversation about performance.

#4) Compensation & Rewards

“Reward people to provide them with incentive to do what is best for the organization.”  This isn’t just about money.  Motivate people to help the organization to fulfill the vision.

#5) Recognition

“Publicly recognize behavior that promotes the vision of the organization”.  It’s amazing how far a genuine, simple act of recognition will go towards motivating your team to do their best.

#6) Firing

When you refuse to get rid of people who are keeping you from fulfilling your vision, you will:  Lose the wrong people, send a loud message that vision is secondary and you’ll create a frustrated team.


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