Saying No

Ted Engstrom once said, “Your organization will be measured not by what you say YES to, it’s what you say NO to.”

If  you want to keep  your organization healthy, you have to learn how to say NO.  This means:

*Saying NO to great opportunities because they don’t fit in your purpose

*Saying NO to new programs because you don’t have the staff to do it

*Saying NO to staff because they aren’t a perfect fit

*Saying NO to partnerships that want to pull you away from your teams purpose and passion

*Saying NO to continuing to do something that isn’t working

*Saying NO to great things that turn out to be just distractions

As a leader, you have to learn to say NO.

When you say NO to things,  you then have the margin to say YES to the things that:

*Fit perfectly with your vision, your purpose and your passion

*Make strategic impact

*Will build your organization and increase your effectiveness

*The “fill you up” and help you function at a higher level

*Will leverage your strengths to the greatest outcomes

Do a quick assessment:  Over the past 7 days, write down 5 things you said “YES” to and 5 things you said “NO” to.  Did you make the right decision?



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