Working ON the Organization

Here’s a thought…

Many of us use our organizations in order to get things done, to accomplish our vision, to produce, to create impact.

Our organization provides the structure and the framework to do a lot of good work. The organization provides a way to:

– Develop staff & people

– Manage and drive finances and resources

– Communicate our vision and our position

– Build a reputation and a standing in the community

These are all good things.

I believe, however, that we often spend more time working IN AND THROUGH the organization instead of working ON the organization.

As leaders, we need to focus on the organization, on the health of the organization, on the purpose of the organization, on the role of the organization.

Often we are so busy doing the work, that we don’t take the time to build and strengthen that thing that makes everything possible.

Yes, an organization is simply a group of people.  In fact, the dictionary defines ORGANIZATION: “an organized body of people with a particular purpose”

I want to encourage you:

– Spend time strengthening the organization

– Build organizational loyalty, pride and connection

– Build your organization around a common purpose, passion and vision

– Enlist your team to be a part of creating organizational health and not simply “using” the organization to accomplish their own agenda and their own pet project

– Bring clarity to what you are about and build your organization with people who buy into that clarity of purpose

– Take time EVERYDAY to work ON the organization.  It’s a relationship: it needs time, attention, care and direction.

How do you work ON your organization each day?


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