Benefits of Partnership

There are countless benefits when you are a part of a working partnership.  Here are 10:

1.  You aren’t working alone.  There’s someone else that is a part of all that you’re doing.

2.  You collaborate and learn to work together with someone else. This always creates energy.

3.  Your vision and passion are exported beyond yourself.

4.  You get help.  Partnership brings strength and brings others in.

5.  You begin to think bigger.  Your boundaries are enlarged and expanded.

6.  You learn from your partners experience, successes and failures.

7.  You contribute to someone else’ vision and passion.

8.  Healthy partnerships model effective leadership.  We don’t see many truly healthy partnerships.

9.  Resources go further as you’re able to share and think creatively.

10.  It’s just “better”.  Working together makes everything better.

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