Commitment to Communicate

This is a lesson I’m learning, one that I haven’t done real good with:

To have a successful partnership, there must be a “COMMITMENT TO COMMUNICATE”.

This means:

#1)  Partners set-up a regular communication schedule

– This can be a monthly check-in

– This can be regular update report submitted regularly

– This can be a relationship-based conversation


When there’s an expectation of communication, the partnership can move forward.  Without regular communication, the partnership will wither.

#2)  Partners are honest in their communication

– This means that missed expectations are shared

– This means that misunderstandings are worked through

– This means that both sides of the partnership take responsibility for not holding up their part of the partnership


Without complete honesty and vulnerability, the partnership will struggle. Often one side of the partnership carries most of the weight.  Both sides need to carry their weight!

#3)  The Partnership needs to be working towards something together

– Partnerships without a common purpose struggle

– Partnership without shared vision and shared goals won’t accomplish anything

– Partnerships must serve each others purpose


The best partnerships happen when both parties are dependent on the other to accomplish a common goal, common vision or a task that they couldn’t do without the other.  This creates energy. 

How are you doing in your partnerships?  Are you working at it?

Work to make your partnership to be ALL that it can be and become!


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