Honesty with Partners

Many of us think that the value we bring to our partnerships is our expertise, our experience, and our wisdom.  The reality is that the best things we bring to any successful partnership is our:


We learn so much more through failure.  Share the things that haven’t worked and allow others to learn from your mistakes.


We want to look better than we really are, but good partnerships need honesty.  Share the truth.  Don’t exaggerate.


Admit that you may not have all the answers.  Be a learner.  Be a listener.


Share the things you “wish” you had done.  Looking back, what would you have changed?


Share what is really your driving force. Why do you do what you do?  Don’t share the answer that just sounds good…. Share the answer that is truthful no matter what!

Partnerships that have a foundation of trust are better partnerships.  Don’t try to fake it!

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