Making Partnership Work

We believe that healthy partnerships provide sustainability and increased effectiveness to your vision.  Good partnership works!  Bad partnership destroys!

Here are some basic steps to establishing and maintaining a healthy partnership:

  1. Define your vision and your goals

    This is a priority.  Both partners need to clearly establish what they exist to do and if there is common ground, then take the next step.

  2. Explain how you accomplish your vision and goals

    What practically do you do to fulfill your vision?

  3. Share expectations of your partnership

    What are you looking for from the other person/organization?  What do you need that they can help you with?  How does this help you reach your desired outcomes?

  4. Define partnership roles

    Partnerships only work when both partners are contributing.  What will each of you contribute to each others’ desired outcomes?

  5. How will you measure and evaluate this?

    You must constantly measure and evaluate the partnership.  Are both partners contributing?  Are you getting where you need to go?  Is one working harder than the other?   How often will you evaluate?  Are there benchmarks that you need to hit?

  6. Will your partnership continue or will it end?

    Talk about how your partnership will finish or if you are open to continuing.  If you continue, go back and start again at the beginning, redefining your vision and goals.  Celebrate partnership even when it ends!

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