Unhealthy Partnership

While we talk about the value of “healthy partnership”, it’s important for us to understand what an “unhealthy partnership” might look like.   If you have any of these 6 things going on in a partnership you’re involved in, I would suggest that your partnership is “unhealthy”:

#1)  User mentality

Partnerships that use each other to get what they want aren’t healthy.  If you are in partnership solely because of the benefit you can get, then you’re in it for the wrong reason.

#2)  Building my kingdom

If your partner is only focused on building their kingdom, than watch out!  They will use, abuse, steal, and compromise you as they seek to build their organization.  Beware.

#3)  It’s more blessed to receive than to give

If you’re in a partnership that is one-sided, than you’re missing it.  Partnerships are meant to be mutually beneficial.  If you are the only one contributing, then it’s not a partnership.

#4)  Short-term benefits

Unhealthy partnerships look at short-term benefits rather than long-term.  You are usually focused on what is sitting in front of you, and you don’t take the time to nurture relationship and to develop a healthy partnership.  This takes time!

#5)  Speaking behind your back

A sure sign of an unhealthy partnership is when one of the partners speaks negatively about the other one.  When this gets back to you, evaluate this partnership.  You don’t want to be protecting yourself from your own partners.  You’re supposed to be on the same team!

#6)  Lack of honesty

Partnerships that are too guarded, protective and secretive are unhealthy.  Healthy partnerships must be based on honesty and trust and to develop this you must develop your relationship.


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