5 Email Tips

I read this recently on an airplane.  Good reminders for me!

This taken from Elizabeth Danziger, adapted for Executive Travel Magazine (March/April 2013)

5 Email Tips:

#1)  Determine whether email is the right medium for your message

Somethings should be done in person or on the phone.  If you’ve gone back and forth more than 3 times, pick up the phone.

#2)  Use the subject line wisely

People choose to read email based on who it’s from first, then what’s in the subject line.  Use the subject line to “hook” people, and to let them know what’s in the email.

#3)  Proofread every element, every time, before hitting “send”

Avoid any problems and protect your reputation.  It just takes a minute, and can save some hassle.  Use the spellcheck feature and/or read the email back to yourself out loud.

#4)  Remember that emails are public documents

If you don’t want it public, don’t send it via email.  Everyday we hear about people who have published things that come back to haunt them.  Realize that email that comes to your organizations address is legally owned by the organization.

#5)  Limit email checking

Don’t be anchored to your email.  You need to change people’s expectations of your response time. When you pull away to check email, you lose time from the project you’re working on, and it takes time to re-engage.  Use natural breaks to check and respond to email, but don’t let it control you.


Russ Cline/2013

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