7 Ideas To Get People To Open Your Emails

7 ideas to get people to open your Emails

If your email mail box is anything like mine, you really have to make quick decisions regarding “do I read or delete”. I’m sure I have deleted some I needed to read. I know I have read some that I needed to delete.

I just received this email from our HCJB Global office and thought it was worth passing on. It has some good, creative thought starters:
1. Personalize: Use something relevant to the reader to grab attention.
2. Be interesting: Make your subject line oddly long or short or different. Make it interesting so people open the message in the first place.
3. Be fresh: Don’t say “update” or “news” each time. Focus on what is actually new!
4. Be brief: Put key information right up front since subject lines get cut off.
5. Instill urgency: Make it clear why your email matters now—”three days left to give”.
6. Banish ‘spaminess’: avoid all caps and shun exclamation points.
7. Create wonderful content and reflect it in the subject line.

Ron Cline/2013


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