We all need community.

Community can be defined as:

*A group of people having a religion, race, profession or other particular characteristic in common

     *A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

As yourself these questions as you think about the communities you are a part of:

What do I bring to this community?  Do I bring leadership?  Do I bring encouragement?  Do I bring wisdom?  Do I bring comfort?  Figure out what you bring.

What do I need from my community?  Do I need to be accepted?  Do I need to be welcomed?  Do I need to be heard?  Do I need to feel needed?  Do I need to be a leader?  Do I need to be loved?

Do I make an effort with my community?   Do I spend time?  Do I look only at what I can get or do I consider what I can contribute?  Do I make time with these people a priority?  What happens when I don’t connect… do I miss it?  Do I long to be with them again?

What changes can I bring?  Am I willing to offer leadership?  Can we be more intentional with our time and energy?  Are there people that are feeling left out or on the edge?  Do we need to expand our community?  Do we ever talk about what we want or need?

Take time to make the communities you’re a part of better.  Don’t take it for granted.


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