Mindful Minutes

Goldie Hawn is one of my favorite actresses, both when she was on TV and now in the movies where she acts, directs and sometimes produces.  She is not only “cute”, but she is hilarious playing the scattered brained blond.

Few know her thought-provoking side.  She is a smart, successful business woman who has built a well-funded foundation to help the next generation.

Recently she wrote a book called, “10 Mindful Minutes“.  In it, she suggests that we each need to find 10 minutes a day for mindful thinking.  10 minutes a day to “help reduce stress, renew our mind for clearer thinking, and create greater focus and connectivity for healthier, happy lives.”

Some suggestions for our ten minutes of mental exercise:

1.  Think about how you react to your emotions.

2.  Take a daily “brain break” and focus on breathing.

3.  Practice mindful sensing, exploring sight, taste, smell and sounds.

4.  Consider the differences between optimism and pessimism.

5.  Learn to savor happiness.

6.  Learn perspective and how to view differing results.

7.  Focus on compassion and empathy.

8.  Discover the importance of generosity and a sense of social responsibility.

9.  Perform random acts of kindness.

10. Engage in practical problem solving and critical thinking.

We all think about physical exercise and some even have a program in which they are involved.  Now we are being told that we need to be thinking about exercising our brain.

Try it!

Ron Cline/2013

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