Tonights Homework

My friend, Phil Cooke (, has three great suggestions for all of us.  He reminds us that some of us work late into the evening and others come home and drop in front of a TV set.  Either way, most aren’t getting any closer to their greatest goals in life.  If that describes you, it’s time to shake things up.  Here are 3 things he recommends you do tonight:

#1)  Invite Someone Intelligent Over for Dinner

In Victorian England dinner conversation was highly valued.  They didn’t just talk about what happened at work, or complain about their situation.  They asked big questions like:  “Is art important for people’s lives?”  or “What books have you been reading?” and “What’s the state of education today?”  The point is, when was the last time you discussed big questions with someone smarter or more experienced than you?  Start tonight.

#2)  Plan Tomorrow

Stop rushing into each day without a plan.  All it takes is 15 minutes to review what happened today, and plan how to accomplish more tomorrow.  Review your life goals, your monthly goals, and your daily goals.  Are you moving in the right direction?  Starting tonight, create a plan.

#3)  Release Today

Most of us lay awake into the night remembering slights, rude encounters, or hurt feelings.  Let it go.  Hanging on to bitterness or anger only poisons your sleep.  It’s no surprise that the digital age is also the era of insomnia.  Let go of the past so you can embrace the future.  Starting tonight, before you hit the bed, forgive anyone who wronged you, and say a little prayer for them.  You’ll be surprised how well you’ll sleep.

Ron Cline/2013

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