A New Year: GO!

It may seem cliche to be talking about goals and plans for the New Year, however there is no better time!

Start 2014 differently than you’ve ever started before!

You can begin with these simple things:

*Schedule some time in your life and calendar over the next 5 days for 3 hours of solitude.  That may seem like a lot, but schedule it.

*Before you take these 3 hours, talk with your spouse & family and share some ideas for the New Year:  family goals, financial goals, relational goals.  Spend most of your time listening to the people you care about the most.  Listen to what they are saying, listen to what they’re hoping for and listen to what they really want!

*Before you take these 3 hours:

Sleep.  Be caught up on your sleep.  If you’re tired, you won’t think clearly.

Place.  Find a place where you can think, where you can process and where you won’t be distracted.  Don’t go to your favorite coffee place.  Go someplace different!

Simple.  Don’t take your computer, your smart phone, your ipad or even an ipod.  Take some blank pages, take a copy of the calendar, take a journal and clear your head.

Alone.  Don’t try to do this with someone else.  Make this time about you.  You can share with others after the fact, but you need to process alone.

Protect.  Schedule the time, communicate that you are out of reach, turn your phone off, and focus.

*For the first HOUR of your time, spend some time simply “dreaming”.  Answer these questions…

  – If I could do anything I would…

     – If I could be anywhere, I would be….

     – If I could make a difference in the world, I would….

     – If I could change something about myself, I would….

     – If I could invest in people, I would….

Add other questions… but take time to think, to dream, to imagine!

*Don’t spend your time creating lists of things to do.  This becomes intimidating and you’ll just throw the lists away.  Instead, come up with 12 goals for the year.  Make these goals “real” goals.  (smart goals)

*Focus on goals that help you to:   “BE WHO YOU WANT TO BE”  not on goals that help you “Do what you want to do”.  These will come.  Focus on the most important at this point.

*Write these goals down, then we’ll help you turn these goals into your vision and your priorities!


This is the first step and the most difficult.  Many of us never get beyond this first step!



*Write to Russ if you have questions:  rcline@extremeresponse.org

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