Getting Things Done

It’s Monday Morning.  You wake up, overwhelmed by the “LOAD” you have this week.  While there are a lot of tasks to do, you’re also overwhelmed by the responsibility you have.  People depend on you.  People need you to do your job.  People are waiting for  you.  People need you to lead!

Is that enough to cause you to crawl back under the blankets and try to sleep this day away?

You really have 2 options today:

#1)  Ignore the demands, ignore the pressure, do what you can, try to meet people’s expectations.

#2)  You seize the challenge, you rise to the occasion, you organize your strategy, and you attack.

Do you often find yourself having this conversation with yourself, trying to make a choice?

Are you just too overwhelmed?

Here are some simple tips to help you “organize your strategy” each day.  Try any of these things and the load and the challenge will feel much less “overwhelming”.

#1)  Make a list

You have to start by writing down the things that you HAVE to do, the things you WANT to do, the things others EXPECT you to do.  Nothing will happen until you clarify what it is that needs to be done.

#2)  Prioritize them

This might be something you can do on your own, or it might be something that your supervisor will do for you.  Determine what is the most important and begin with that.  You’ll find that some of the things on the list don’t really need to be on the list.

#3)  Delegate

Are there things that you can enlist others to do?  Others to help with?  You don’t have to do it all yourself.  Find others to help you accomplish the tasks.  You’re not looking for people to “dump” these tasks on.  You want do these things well, so get some help.

#4)  Work Hard

No one has said that work is easy.  You need to work hard.  Get the job done.  Use your gifts, skills, experience and drive to get the job done. Don’t avoid tasks that are difficult.  Don’t run from conflict.  Just do the work.  It feels good!

#5)  Evaluate

Check to see that what you’re doing is accomplishing the task.  Evaluate along the way.  Do you need to make adjustments?  Do you need to start over?  Make sure you’re moving in the right direction.

#6)  Celebrate

Take a few minutes to celebrate when a task is completed.  Thank those that helped you. Affirm others for their contribution.  Don’t just move from one task to the other.  Celebrate the fact that you get to cross something off your list.

#7)  Begin Again

It doesn’t matter if this is a daily list, a weekly list or even longer.  You will always have tasks that need to be completed.  Set some goals each day of how you’re going to use your time to accomplish these tasks.  Create some work blocks where you can solely focus on 1 task.  Eliminate some of the distractions around you.  Keep going!

You’ll find that when you do this, you’re able to focus on not just the “busy” tasks, but you’ll find the space to focus on the “important” tasks.  (Quadrant II Living).

Try it!  Don’t let Monday Mornings discourage you.








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