Long-Range Planning @ Drucker

“The future will not just happen if one wishes hard enough”

Peter F. Drucker


Drucker shares:

*The future requires decisions – NOW

*It imposes risk – NOW

*It requires action – NOW

*It demands allocation of resources – NOW

*It requires human resources – NOW

*It requires work – NOW

Peter Drucker encourages us to use our short-term planning to achieve our long-term goals.

•What are you doing today that will better prepare you for tomorrow?

•What do you need to become aware of now that will will affect your organization in the future?

•What are you ignoring today that you need to pay attention to?

While you are living for today, don’t ignore tomorrow!  Think FORWARD.


2012/Russ Cline   “The Daily Drucker”  Peter F. Drucker

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