The Value of Time

My son recently graduated from University, so to celebrate that together, he and I took off on a trip. I combined some work, lots of airline miles and connections with friends to make this time together something special. While the travel, the touring, the connection with others was incredible, I underestimated the value of the time with my son. Many times there were people around and things where we were in groups, but there was also a lot of time just for him and I to connect. Sometimes it was on a flight, sometimes sharing a room together or sitting in airports. While the trip and what we were able to accomplish on this trip was incredible, the thing I value most was the time. When have I or will I ever have to opportunity to spend 2 weeks with my son.

I just put him on a train with a friend, and they are off for a 3-week adventure in Europe before returning home and diving into a full-time job. I know the time they have together will be wonderful as well.

The Value of Time.

Jim Burns ( used to always tell me that it’s not just the “quality” of time you have with someone, but it’s the “quantity” of time as well.

This is so true!

When you spend time with someone:

*You get to have the spontaneous conversation

*You get to listen to each other

*You get to finish conversations instead of cut them short

*You get to think about your response instead of just answering quickly

*You get to experience things together that stimulate more conversation

It’s just good!

Whether it’s with your son, your spouse, your team members, your colleagues…. Time together is productive and your relationship will be better because of it.

Do the work needed to create these opportunities. It might not be 2 weeks traveling around the world, but it may be simply being more intentional with regular times that you already have together.


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