Simple Planning

As we talk about PLANNING, sometimes we make things way too complicated.

Here’s a simple template you can use to define where you want to go and how you’ll get there:

#1) Define Your VISION

What do you see? Where do you want to go? What does that look like?

#2) Define Your MISSION

What is the purpose of your organization or business? Why do you exist or want to exist?

#3) Create Some GOALS

Goals can be defined as “small pieces of your vision”. Set some goals that are realistic and measurable. This takes a larger vision and makes it smaller and easier to measure.

#4) Define Your OBJECTIVES

Objectives are the exact steps you must take to reach your goals. This is what you “DO”.


Along the way, measure and evaluate what’s being done, determining if it’s moving you towards your goals and vision or if it’s taking you away from what it is you’re trying to accomplish.

I’ve seen people spend so much time trying to get the exact words right that they never take the step forward of actually moving towards fulfilling the vision.  This is a great place to start. Simply articulate what it is you’re wanting to do, and this process helps you figure out where to start.

Planning and walking through this process is a START.

Sometimes this simple process is used to discourage you from moving forward with an idea or a dream.

This is a really simplified example of a business plan, but it’s a great first step. Try it the next time you want to walk through an idea or a dream.


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