13 Habits of Humble People

Jeff Boss writes on www.forbes.com a great article called: 13 Habits of Humble People.

Read the full article HERE.

Here are his 13 Habits:

  1. They’re Situationally Aware
  2. They Retain Relationships
  3. They Make Difficult Decisions With Ease
  4. They Put Others First
  5. They Listen
  6. They’re Curious
  7. They Speak Their Minds
  8. They Take Time To Say “Thank You”
  9. They have An Abundance Mentality
  10. They Start Sentences With “You” Rather than “I”
  11. They Accept Feedback
  12. They Assume Responsbility
  13. They Ask For Help

Great list!


Submitted by Russ/2016

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