How Do You Break A Habit?

Denise Mann, in her article on WebMD shares 3 easy steps to breaking a habit.

#1)  Make It Conscious

The first step is figure out what you’re doing and why.  As you’re able to define the habit, you’ll be able to define when you’re doing it.

#2)  Put It In Writing So It Really Sinks In

Write down the triggers leading up to the habit, when you’re doing the habit, what things surround you in doing this and how you feel.  Take some time to write this down so you can see the whole picture.

#3)  Once you realize what you’re doing, do a “bait and switch”.

To eliminate a habit, come up with something to take its place.  We may need a temporary replacement to help us break the cycle of a bad habit.


Habits may be personal things you do like biting your fingernails, cracking your knuckles or smoking.  Habits may be patterns in your work routine, habits around you office, habits when you are a part of a meeting or a group conversation.  We create habits in every area of our lives.  All habits are not bad.  I want you to identify the habits that you WANT to change and NEED to change.



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