Stop Dreaming

I’m sure this goes against everything you’ve ever heard about dreaming.

The word “dream” is defined in a number of ways, but it includes these 2 definitions:

– “A cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal.”

– “An unrealistic or self-deluding fantasy.”

I only want to tell you to STOP DREAMING if that’s all you’re doing.

Sometimes we get stuck. We spend all of our time and energy:

– Thinking about “what if….”

– Imagining a different life or an opportunity

– Dreaming about a new future or a different past

– Wondering about tomorrow and what will come

I want to encourage you to not be STUCK.  Keep dreaming, but then find ways to turn those dreams into reality.  Come up with an action plan.

Here are 3 FIRST STEPS to turning your dream into reality:

#1)  Share Your Dream

Have some people you trust around you. Take the risk to share with them what you’re dreaming about, what you’re thinking about. Invite them to give you feedback, input and ideas. Ask them what they think. Seek their counsel, advise and participation. Bring some people in on your dream.

#2)  Write It Down

Sometimes just the simple act of writing down what  your thinking helps you to see it in a different way. Look at it, adjust it, clarify it, rework it. Write it down. This is also a great way to share it with others.

#3) Create Some Bite-Sized Goals

Baby steps. Can you do some things that will test the idea? Can you take some small steps forward and see how the idea works? Sometimes we look at the BIG DREAM and it’s an all or nothing. Break it down into smaller chunks. Sometimes there is great value in those smaller steps and this will often affirm the dream and the vision or it will cause you to adjust it as you learn and move forward.

Don’t stop dreaming.  Dream.

But don’t get stuck with only a dream.  Make that dream a reality!


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