How to Be the Office Cheerleader

Laura Marie Meyers writes in her blogpost on this about being a cheerleader in the office:

“Having a ray-ray attitude in the workplace has its advantages. Even if we can’t be all sunshine all the time, most of us would rather be surrounded by co-workers with a positive, refreshing outlook. Not sure how to cheer on your colleagues in a genuine, professional way? Learn how to be both encouraging and office-appropriate in the workplace with these five simple tips:”

#1) Keep Your Energy Up:  Bring your best to the office

#2) Practice Positivity, No Matter Your Mood:  Don’t let your frustration show

#3) Give Credit Where It’s Due: Everyone appreciates a pat on the back

#4) Point Out the Littlest Victories: Encourage your co-workers with daily high fives

#5) Don’t Forget To Say Thanks: Gratitude goes a long way


Meyer’s lays this out simple and clear. To read her full post, CLICK HERE

For more on The Leader As A Cheerleader, CLICK HERE

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