1st: Understand the Role of the Leader


You have now discovered that you have some leadership skills, or have been given a leadership position and are either flattered, excited or scared to death. Leadership is a wonderful gift because it gives you an opportunity to make a significant contribution to an organization, a committee, a team or a project. Let me remind you of three important things to remember as you respond to the opportunity:

1.     The responsibility stops at your desk.  You, as the leader, cannot blame others for failure to carry out your responsibilities.  You cannot give excuses either.  If you accept the title of being the leader, then you must accept the responsibility that comes with the title.

2.     If you succeed, you probably had help, so recognize the work of others regardless of how small it was.  In fact, even if you don’t receive the proper recognition yourself, you must give credit to those who contributed to the success of the task.  Learn to celebrate the smallest success on a large scale.  Be a thankful leader.

3.     You cannot take the time to bask in victory or pout in defeat.  You cannot sit still and hope never to have to change anything.  You must keep looking forward to face new opportunities and new challenges.  They will always be there.  Be a leader who anticipates rather than a leader who is dragged or pushed along.

Your leadership with rise or fall on your understanding and acceptance of your role. Leadership can be a very lonely assignment,full of excitement and/or frustration depending on the day.  Leaders work with people, money and time limits…all three can be discouraging or encouraging.  Make it your goal to be a strong, positive leader who understands the role.

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