4th: Keep in Good Health

The Seven Goals of Success

A sickly leader does not have the necessary energy to lead a dynamic team.  He may offer direction and encouragement, but he will not be the leader out front that others are following, so, you need to start now in maintaining a good diet, developing a habit for some consistent level of exercise, and by getting enough sleep.  You cannot yield to the temptation of cheating in these areas in order to respond to the demands of leadership.  Skipped meals and sleepless nights will eventually steal strength and focus from the leader.

1.  Regardless of your age, see a doctor on a regular basis with a full check-up on his schedule.  Then, follow his advice for good health. Maintaining good health is a whole lot easier than responding and adjusting to sudden health issues.  You are not immortal!

2.  Schedule time for yourself.  Take a walk and get away from your desk and your computer or phone for a few minutes every day.  If you have to, put it in your appointment book. Leave your work, conversations, problems at the office and “be fully home” when you are home.  Learn to play. Get a hobby.

3.  Keep your family relationships in good health as well.  If your marriage or family fails, being the best leader in the world won’t matter in the long run. Make sure you seek and accept help at being a better family member and fulfilling your responsibilities.

Good health is the leaders life line.  The best leaders are people who lead from a strong, firm, healthy platform that they can stand on.  They can then focus on the situation at hand and work to solve the issues.  They can handle the emergencies that come when least expected.  Family or personal health problems give us a shaky foundation and rob us of the energy and confidence we need.  Make it your goal to maintain the healthiest environment, made up of your family members and your personal health, surrounding you.  Solve issues as they come.

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