3rd: Do The Work Necessary to be The Leader

Third Goal:  Do The Work Necessary To Be The Leader

The Seven Goals of Success

If you are going to be the leader, then be the best leader you can be. Start now becoming the person that people will follow.  That may mean some additional training or learning, or a time following someone else around.  It will mean asking someone for help and advice.  There is no glory in doing it alone – only the chance of failure.  Being a good leader will mean hard work in several areas.  A person can be born with the personality for being a good leader, but, to be a good leader takes preparation and work.

1)  Work on your Character.  Who are you when no one is looking?  How important is your personal integrity?  How important is your word?  Are you a fair person?  Personal character is the make or break factor for the leader.  It will be your most important quality.

2)  Work on Relationships.  How important is the other person?  Their ideas?  Their time?  Do you respect others?  Can you work with others?  Do you value other people and their ideas?  Are you willing to forgive and work with the weaknesses in others?  Leaders always have people to work with.  Learn to get along with them.

3)  Work on your Personal Time Management.  How disciplined are you in setting a schedule and keeping to it?  Do you finish tasks on time?  Do you enjoy the challenge of the task or do you like things easy?  How will you fit leadership, family and personal growth into your life?

It takes constant work to lead.  There will be other areas to look at and work on.  There may be some personal habits or attitudes you need to change.  In fact, you may never finish the course because leaders are the ones who are always learning, who are open and eager for the challenge of change, and who love the creativity needed to adjust and respond.  All this takes time and effort to learn.  Make it your goal to the be best leader you can be, one that is appreciated by the follower.

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