I was in a small gift shop recently.  I usually don’t buy those little knick-knacks, but I had to buy this one.  It was a small painted rock with one word:  BALANCE. I have it right in front of me on my desk in my office.  It’s a reminder of my need to find a balance between meetings, emails, strategic planning, time with people and time with God.  Eugene Peterson says:  “Ministry often reinforces inattentiveness to Christ.”

Do you get it? Ministry gets in the way of knowing Jesus. I know it. In leadership, we get so involved in the business of our ministry; we neglect the Lord of our ministry. As busy as He was in His three year ministry, Jesus got alone with His Father. So let me ask you:  Are you so busy serving God that you don’t have the time to be with God? I have to plead guilty to that one. So when are you and I going to change that?

Wayne Pederson  (

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