Be Joyful Today

Have you had a good laugh today?  You should!  Laughter has been shown to increase our pain threshold.  It reduces blood-sugar levels, boosts glucose tolerance and increases blood flow to vital organs. Laughter occurs 30 times more often in social situations, so you need to choose happy friends.

Jesus wasn’t afraid of laughter. He often used humor to make a point to the crowd. The book of Proverbs says that laughter is good medicine. It jogs the organs, sends endorphins to the brain, and lightens our emotional outlook. So, find some good clean jokes you can tell. Watch old episodes of I Love Lucy. Learn to look at life with a smile. Look for humor in everyday situations. The Bible says that joy is a fruit of the Holy Spirit.

So go ahead. Be joyful today—it`s okay.

Wayne Pederson (

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