Change is neither easy nor avoidable.  Even in the world of ministry it is true.  Luther and Wesley imagined the world differently and changed it.  In ministry or in business, leaders have to understand that to be relevant, you have to take what is cultural to teach what is enduring. The future is not a discovery, but a decision.  So, you must ask yourself:  What things in my business have passed their expiration date?  What things in ministry no longer work or are no longer effective?

If you don’t do that, you may find yourself obsolete, or even irrelevant.

I love this pray of an old Christian saint:  “Oh God, inspire my thoughts, pervade my imagination, and suggest all my decisions.”  Or the worship song:  “Change my heart, O God, make it ever new; change my heart O God, may I be like you.”


Wayne Pederson

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