Changing Habits

Three hundred years ago Ben Franklin developed a procedure for changing habits. 

1. Commit to a new behavior.
2. Work on one habit at a time.
3. Place visual reminders.

Let me suggest a few work habits you may wish to develop:
Authenticity:  be who you are, comfortable in your own skin.                                          

Trust:  be a person of integrity that others can trust.                                                      

Energy:  exercise, eat, sleep in such a way to keep your energy for the most important things.                                                                                                                                

Focus:  prioritize what’s most important

And finally:   Learn to say “NO” to non-important.


You see:  

Thoughts become words.  

Words become actions.  

Actions become habits.  

Habits become a destiny.


Wayne Pederson  (HCJB Global)

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