Do More or Less

No doubt about it, we’re going through some very difficult times. So, how do you survive: personally and corporately?  For some, it’s hard work and optimism.  For others, it’s heads-down, dig-in mentality.

We’re not going to get out of this mess with happy talk or a bunker mentality. You as leader must find ways to grow. We need to focus on new opportunities. Don’t keep trying to push old ideas or methodologies. Jesus talked about the danger of putting new patches on old wineskins. Just putting patches on old strategies isn’t enough in tough times.

Find what’s working and do more of it—that`s my motto. And find what’s not working and quit doing it. Paul in the 1st Century talked about forgetting about what’s behind and pressing on to what’s ahead in the high calling of God.

Wayne Pederson  (

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