Good Counsel

Executive coach, Scott Eblin says:

“Don’t assume you have to make all decisions yourself. The people closest to the action have a lot of good ideas on how to move forward.”

In every leadership position I’ve held, I’ve received valuable counsel and support from a strong lead team.

One person can’t know everything. One person can’t see every perspective on every issue.  I can’t make all the calls from my office.

Jesus built his team. Not that he needed help.  But he built a team to carry on his work.

In the first century, the apostle Paul had his team: Apollos, Barnabas, Timothy, Aquila, Priscilla and Luke.

Having a great team doesn’t diminish your value. In fact, your ability to build a great team enhances your status and effectiveness

Proverbs says: In a multitude of counsel there is wisdom.

Wayne Pederson  (HCJBGlobal)

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