Handling Feedback

I have to admit that I’m not good about handling feedback.

When criticism comes, I tend to be defensive rather than reflective.

Most of us as leaders have blind spots: things in our lives that others see but are hesitant to point out…because we’re the leader.

Today, a friend, the top leader of a large ministry quoted her grandma who said:

The problem with our weaknesses is that we carry them on our behinds.  We can’t see them but everybody else can.

Paul, the leader of the first century church said this:

“I say to everyone among you not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think with sober judgment.”

To me that means being open to input.

That means being so approachable, others will feel comfortable helping you be better.

It means having people close enough to you that have earned the right to receive honest feedback.

It means having the important trait of humility that’s never afraid to look in the mirror and say: What’s the one thing I’m doing that needs to change?

Let the Holy Spirit convict and guide you in that process.

Wayne Pederson (reachbeyond.org)

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