I Want to be Mentored

In all my years in leadership, I had never had anyone ask me this.

“I want to be mentored by a leader.  Will you mentor me?”

Well, I was surprised flattered and fascinated.  So we began the process.

I referred him to books and resources, suggested seminars, gradually gave him more responsibility and saw his effectiveness and confidence grow.

But more than all the official, formal stuff was the relationship and the opportunity to model, not just teach leadership.

You’ve heard:  Much more is caught than taught. Watching a good model can be a more effective than all the classes, books and videos that are available.

Now, maybe as an aspiring leader, you need to find someone you can say:  Will you mentor me?

Or maybe you lead in such a way, that you receive the ultimate compliment from someone who wants to be mentored.

Wayne Pederson (HCJB Global)

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