Leadership is Hard Work

I’m a runner—been running for years.

And back when my daughter was about 10 years old, she would ride her bike alongside me while I ran.

There were a few hills along the way.  And I remember her saying: “Dad, I wish there was no such thing as uphill!”

Teachable moment!  I explained that we work hard to run or peddle uphill, so we can enjoy the pleasure of coasting downhill.  And if there were no uphills, there would be no downhills.

And life is like that!

Here`s the leadership lesson:

Leadership is hard work. I wish sometimes there weren’t so many battles. But the effort expended often leads to reaching the top of the hill, some moments of more effortless coasting on the other side.
Don’t avoid the hills. They bring accomplishment. They provide a view. They build strength.  And they give us the opportunity to enjoy a pleasurable ride on the other side.

Wayne Pederson (HCJB Global)

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