Leading with Confidence

Anne Mulcahy performed an amazing feat during her tenure at Xerox— transforming a near-bankrupt brand into a lucrative enterprise, known for its originality. In an interview with the New York Times, Anne stressed coming to terms with today’s business uncertainty. Your ability to communicate your vision gives your team a direction to face uncertainty with confidence.

So how can you lead with confidence in an uncertain climate?

1.     Ask God to give you direction, discernment and wisdom.

2.     Surround yourself with a team that can navigate uncertain waters with confidence and calm.

3.     Be innovative and imaginative as you try new ways, when all the old ways don’t work anymore.

Paul, in the first century said:  Don’t be anxious about anything. Instead pray about everything. Then the peace of God beyond understanding will guard your heart and mind.

-Wayne Pederson  (hcjbglobal)

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