Live in Harmony

A friend of mine who is a patron at a local symphony was given the privilege of sitting in on the rehearsal of an upcoming concert featuring a prominent Russian pianist. The conductor seated my friend in the middle of the violin section. He loves violins, but when you sit in the middle of the violin section, all you hear is violins. No woodwinds or brass, or even the famous featured pianist; only violins. He didn’t hear the wonderful blend of the symphony filling the auditorium

The workplace can be that way. When you’re in the middle of violins, all you hear is violins. In your department, all you may be aware of is what you do. You’re not aware of all the efforts of other sections of the organization. You may not capture the beauty of the symphony of leadership.

You need to know: your section is important. But so are the other sections. And you’re producing a beautiful symphony of team work. The Bible says: How good it is when people work together in harmony.

-Wayne Pederson  (HCJBGlobal)

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