I used to pride myself in being a multi-tasker.  And with the ubiquity of portable devices in the last decade, we’re always connected, always distracted by texts, emails, and phone calls.  If not that, we’re checking on what our friends are saying on Facebook or Twitter.

I’ve been guilty of taking my portable device to meetings and catching up on emails and texts while trying to follow the discussion of the meeting.

BUT, I’m finding that if I’m doing emails, I’m NOT listening to the meeting.  What’s more, my preoccupation with my screen signals to my colleagues that what’s being discussed is not priority for me.

I hate that about myself.  And it’s really a difficult habit to break.  So I’m declaring to the world and my friends that I want to stop.  And if you see me glancing at my smart phone or tablet, would you please hold me accountable?

I want to focus what’s before me…and not some interruption from the virtual world.

Wayne Pederson (HCJB Global)

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