My Little List

I have this little list I’m working on. It represents the qualities or core values I desire to be true and consistent in my life.  Mind you, I haven’t mastered these. They’re on the list because I’m working on them.

1.     Authenticity:  No faking it.  To be true and authentic inside and out.

2.     Humility:  Nothing’s as obnoxious as arrogance.  Humility is one of the most winsome traits a leader can have.

3.     Grace:  God has shown me tons of grace.  I need to cut some grace to those around me.

4.     Focus:  It’s easy to get distracted with mobile devices, Internet, trivia.  I need to keep the main thing, front and center.  No multi-tasking.

5.     Measured Pace:  Rapid running from one thing to another is unproductive and unhealthy.

Learn as Jesus said, “the unforced rhythms of grace.” [Matthew 11:28 – 30, The Message; Copyright © 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001, 2002 by 
Eugene H. Peterson:

Authenticity.  Humility.  Grace. Focus. Measured Pace.

What’s on your list?

–Wayne Pederson  (hcjbglobal)

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