Pass the Baton

How do you pass the baton of leadership to the next generation of leaders?

There can be the “founder” mentality of unwillingness to let go.

Or the fatal tendency to compare the new person to the former leader.

Or the long gaps between the old leader stepping down and acquiring the next person.

John the Baptist did it well. He knew he was the predecessor to the new leader, Jesus.

And he humbly paved the way for the new leader, putting the new leader, Jesus, in the spotlight.

John said: He must increase; I must decrease.

In one of my leadership transitions, my predecessor, six months before I took over, gradually turned over responsibilities to me. And at the end of the 6 months, he stepped aside and allowed me to lead, but he continued to be my greatest supporter and encourager.

If you’re getting ready to step aside, intentionally develop a plan for you to “decrease” and the next leader to succeed.

Wayne Pederson (Reach Beyond)

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