Real Communication

I recently did a Lesson for Leaders on communications, saying communications isn’t complete until the recipient responds.

A colleague responded via email saying:

“Communication takes place when people not only respond but ‘accept’ the message.

Until people accept what you say, they don’t hear you.  They’re hoping for it to be another way.

If the surprise communication was a gift of some kind, it would be accepted and communication would be complete.”

Good insight!  Followers have to learn to accept what is being said for real communication to take place.

As a leader, just because we’ve communicated something repeatedly, don’t assume you’ve completed the communication process until the message has been received and accepted.

A wise man named James said: “Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry.”

Listening, really listening and hearing, is one of the least appreciated, least practiced, but most important communication skill of all.

-Wayne Pederson (Reach Beyond)

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