Take Some Time

When I started in management, I bumped into our CEO and asked if I could stop by his office for a visit.
He hesitated, squirmed and finally said he was totally booked for the next three months.

I was kind of impressed with how busy he was.  And how tightly he planned his schedule.
But I now realize two things:
1.    He really didn’t want to meet with me.
2.    He was WAY too busy.
As a seasoned leader, I now understand how important it is to be accessible to your team.  Make time for your people.  In fact, get out of your chair and visit them.
And even more recently I’ve realized if your schedule is that full, you’re WAY too busy.

Now, Jesus had crowds following Him all over.  But he always took time for the “little person”.  And He always spent ample time with his team.  And He always had time to get alone with his Heavenly Father!  Never too busy for that.

Wayne Pederson (Reach Beyond)

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