Uncertain Times

Quoting Scott Eblin:  “Uncertain and confusing times are the test of a CEO’s leadership ability.”

That’s right, when things aren’t going well, we need to communicate clearly. Be honest about the unknowns.

And avoid the temptation to hide when the going gets tough.

In the 1st century, Paul the Apostle pulled no punches when things were going badly. He was very open about ohardships, oppositions, conflict – the poverty and sorrow he was experiencing.

He spoke plainly when dealing with problems in the early church.

He just didn’t gloss over the hard stuff.  He dealt with conflict firmly, calmly, lovingly.

He told his young protégé Timothy to “correct, rebuke, and encourage with great patience and careful instruction”.

You see, that 1st century strategy works in 21st century leadership as well.

Wayne Pederson  (HCJBGlobal)

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