Words Can Hurt

Sometime ago a colleague came to me and told me everything I was doing wrong.  It was like all the things I had been trying to accomplish in my role were failures.

Well, later, she came and apologized.  Of course, I accepted the apology, but the stinging hurt was still there.  I’m sure she regretted saying some of the things she said.

I carried those remarks for days.  I questioned my own ability to lead. You see, one can forgive, but those kinds of experiences are hard to forget.  Once the words are spoken, it’s hard to take them back.

It’s like pounding a nail into a piece of wood.  You can pull out the nail, but the scar of the nail is still in the wood.

And then I thought of all the times I’ve uttered a careless word and wished for the world I could hit the delete button.

Proverbs says:  There is that speaks like the piercings of a sword: but the tongue of the wise is health.

Wayne Pederson (HCJB Global)

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