Workplace Drift

My friend John Blumberg states:

We don’t go running away from our values, we go drifting away. And one day we wake-up in a place we never meant to be … drifting in a direction we never would have chosen.”

We as individuals and corporations and ministries are subject to “mission drift”. If you’re not clear on your core values, how do you know if you’ve drifted? Every organization must know the values that are the heart and soul of the ministry or business. Your adherence to those values must constantly be monitored. Daily decisions, economic challenges, tyranny of the urgent can cause us to drift from our core. So post core values around the office. When making decisions, ask: does this fit with our core values? Or are we drifting from why we exist?

Proverbs says: Seek insight, and understanding, for the Lord grants wisdom and good sense to the godly.

-Wayne Pederson (

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