Young Leadership

Let’s say you’re in your 20’s and 30’s, and you aspire to leadership.

A colleague shared this advice with me:

If you try to the “it” writer, speaker, leader of the moment, you might be fashionable, but don’t do it.  The same people who praise you today will be distancing themselves tomorrow.

You need to master what you’re responsible for right now.

So, if you plan to peak at age 65, you’ll begin rising above your peers somewhere in your thirties and continue through your growing years and if you do this right, you’ll eventually be sought after in your field into your sixties, maybe… and those early starters may be still living in the past glory.

Paul, in the 1st century said:  “He who desires to be a leader desires a good thing.”

But he also instructed leadership not to place leadership on someone before they’re ready.

Jesus said:  “He that is faithful in small things, I will put in charge of bigger things.”

Wayne Pederson  (HCJBGlobal)

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